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Camping with ecological commitment on the Cote d’Azur

Our 5-star campsite on the Cote d’Azur boasts a number of assets linked to its exceptional geographical location but also to its lush natural areas. We are aware of the fragility of our ecosystem and are both witnesses to and victims of the various changes linked to climate disruption, such as the erosion of our beach as the years go by, or the repeated episodes of drought that threaten the fauna and flora of the campsite. Because ecology is everyone’s business, and because we want future generations to be able to enjoy our exceptional natural setting in the heart of the French Riviera, our campsite adopts an eco-responsible approach, actively committing itself to sustainability and ecological preservation. Discover the ecological actions as part of our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy implemented by our campsite on the Cote d’Azur, so that your dream holiday in harmony with nature lasts over time.

Every drop counts.

Everywhere, the issues surrounding water resources are now a priority and must be considered crucial, even more so on the Cote d’Azur where the region is regularly, and increasingly early in the season each year, on red drought alert. As a result, our campsite is making holidaymakers aware of the need to be environmentally aware and to use this precious resource wisely, and we ourselves are taking a number of steps to reduce our water use and requirements, in order to limit the impact on our environment and adopt a positive attitude towards ecology. We have installed water pressure limiters at all water points in our buildings and facilities, such as the showers and washbasins in the campsite sanitaries, all our bungalows and mobile homes, staff accommodation, shops and reception. Thanks to this ecological investment, we can save up to 75% of water in the showers and 50% on the taps (see link to quote on the side), thus limiting the consumption and loss of drinking water. In addition, we plant our green spaces and window boxes with plants that have low water requirements, and water them with a drip system programmed at night, in order to target the needs of the plants as closely as possible while limiting losses through evaporation during the day. In the same vein, we are gradually replacing natural grass, which consumes a lot of water in order to remain viable, with artificial turf, as on the campsite playground (link to playground) near the children’s clubs (link to children’s clubs). Lastly, we have invested in a pay-per-use car wash, with a limited timeframe, to avoid uncontrolled cleaning on the campsites’ pitches, which consumes a lot of water and pollutes the soil.

« Thanks to this ecological investment, we can save up to 75% of water in showers and 50% on taps. »

The hunt for waste.

On a 45-hectare campsite, there are many ways in which energy and food can be lost or wasted. Our 5-star campsite in the heart of the French Riviera carries out a number of ecological actions aimed at reducing the impact of our economic activity on our environment and protecting nature. In all our bungalows and mobile homes, we have applied the insulation technique, which consists of insulating the hydraulic heating networks to avoid heat loss as much as possible. It is estimated that up to 20% of heat is lost in the flow of hot water through a non-insulated network. So energy consumption is reduced by this clever system. As all our accommodation (link to accommodation page) is air-conditioned, we advise our guests to use their air-conditioners sparingly and above all with common sense, in particular by not leaving doors and windows open when they are on. When it’s very hot, and to ensure a peaceful arrival for our campsite guests, we program the air conditioning on but turn it up a few degrees, so that the motor doesn’t have to work too hard when it’s too cool, thus limiting electricity consumption. Finally, another ecological commitment has been made by our mini-market (link to shops page), which has implemented an anti-waste policy by discounting so-called ‘short-dated’ products, i.e. those that are about to expire and which, to avoid being thrown away, are sold off. It’s a great opportunity to pick up some bargains!

Keeping abreast of the latest trends.

Although our Camp du Domaine campsite on the Cote d’Azur has been existed for over 70 years, we strive to keep up with the times, and even anticipate the trends of today and tomorrow, particularly when it comes to ecology. To this end, our entire lighting network has been completely modernised to make way for low-energy consumption lampposts and streetlights. While we cannot reduce the number of lights for safety reasons, all our energy-guzzling halogen bulbs have been replaced by low-energy compact fluorescent or LED bulbs as a minimum. As far as vehicles are concerned, our campsite has installed 16 charging points for electric vehicles (link to electric charging points page), which are 100% free and freely accessible, to make it easier for our guests to get around. The charging points are located throughout the campsite, and anyone can plug in their electric vehicle at any time. For safety reasons, and in view of past catastrophic events, it is strictly forbidden to recharge your electric vehicle on one of our sockets on the pitch or in the accommodation. The overload caused by this action could lead to a fire, which would be fatal for the campsite and your car!

Don't throw it away
recycle it!!

When it comes to ecology, our 5-star campsite with direct access to the sea on the Cote d’Azur has nothing to envy from its neighbours! Given the large capacity of our holiday accommodation, we had to install a system for managing household, recyclable and green waste in line with the size of our establishment. Numerous selective sorting columns have been installed in all 4 corners of the campsite, allowing all our holidaymakers to sort their plastic and glass waste during their holidays at Camp du Domaine. On the camping side, all plant waste from the upkeep of the green areas is shredded and composted, to be reused in the gardens and vineyards. At the campsite supermarket, which is stocked daily with all kinds of food packaged in cardboard boxes, a cardboard press has been installed to create bales of cardboard which are then recovered and recycled, considerably reducing the amount of rubbish in the bins. At the Tennis Snack Bar, iron and aluminium drinks cans have been collected every week for over 10 years by a local association, “Les Toucans Solidaires”, which sorts, recycles and resells them. The funds collected by this kind-hearted association are used to finance numerous charity projects in the local area. Finally, all our frying oils are recovered by approved companies and then recycled.

Acting near and far.

As a major player in the local economy and employment, our campsite has a duty to set an example in terms of initiatives and ecology. That’s why we’re proud to include local produce on our Snack Bar menu and in our mini-market. By favouring short circuits, we encourage and support our local producers in their approach and reduce our carbon footprint. You’ll find plenty of regional wines in our cellar, honey produced in Bormes les Mimosas by a beekeeper just 5km from the campsite, and Provencal specialities like tapenade and anchoïade from Cogolin near Saint Tropez. At the Tennis Snack Bar, you can enjoy ice creams from Chamo, a local artisanal manufacturer of ice creams and sorbets. Our actions are not limited to the local sphere. Every year, we collect a large number of objects and equipment that we no longer needed, and instead of throwing them away, we send them to Africa, to Benin to be precise, where they are given a second life. Thanks to a regional association, every year we send several hundred kilos of equipment, including mattresses, clothes, planchas, bicycles and many other items that no longer meet the standards of our 5-star campsite but are still in very good condition. Through this strong social and ecological approach, we are not only entering into a spiral of second-hand goods and reducing the production and consumption of objects by recycling our equipment, but we are also helping disadvantaged people in Benin by providing them with equipment that will enable them to increase their level of comfort on a daily basis.

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