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Camping with Wi-FI on the Cote d’Azur

Want to taunt your friends during your heavenly camping holiday on the Cote d’Azur? Finish your favourite Netflix series? Answering that final, very urgent email from your boss? At Camp du Domaine, a 5-star campsite on the Cote d’Azur, Wi-Fi is available throughout the campsite.

Wifi everywhere, even on the beach.

Imagine lying on your towel, with the sound of the waves in the background, while staying connected to the digital world. That’s what you can do at Camp du Domaine, a 5-star campsite on the Cote d’Azur with Wi-Fi connection. Share your laughter with friends, take photos of magical moments, or relax and listen to your favourite music. Wifi on the beach also has a practical side: look for information on local activities or wildlife, organise an impromptu outing with your beach companions. Don’t forget the very essence of the beach: relaxation and communion with nature. Remember to switch off from time to time, and enjoy the moment!

A high-quality network.

At Camp du Domaine, surfing the Internet has never been so easy! We have two types of networks to suit all your needs. A free version is available throughout the campsite, allowing you to check your emails, send Whatsapp (link to the campsite’s Whatsapp page) or Messenger (link to the campsite’s Messenger page) messages, catch up with friends and family on Instagram (link to the campsite’s Instagram page) or Facebook (link to the campsite’s Facebook page), or listen to your favourite music. A high-speed pay-as-you-go version lets you stream your favourite films and TV series, watch YouTube videos (link to the campsite’s YouTube channel) or make video calls to friends without interrupting the service. Go to the Tennis Bar (link to Restaurant page) to buy your paid WIFI access and enjoy the joys of high-speed wifi during your holidays at the campsite on the Cote d’Azur.

Keeping in touch with your loved ones.

During your holidays at a campsite on the Cote d’Azur, Wi-Fi becomes much more than just a simple connectivity service. It’s a precious link between your little corner of nature and the vast outside world. In this idyllic setting, you can share magical moments with your nearest and dearest, immortalise happy moments on social networks and keep in touch with your friends scattered across the four corners of the globe.

How do I access the Camp du Domaine Wi-Fi network? ?

There are two Wi-Fi packages to choose from during your camping holiday:

  • A free version to which you can connect freely
  • A pay version for which you have to go to the Tennis Bar to buy the connection

Free version:

  • Name of the Wi-Fi: wifipass-gratuit
  • Choose free wifi access
  • Accept terms and conditions
    You are connected

Pay version :

  • Name of the Wi-Fi: wifipass-Camp-Du-Domaine
  • Launch your web browser
  • Follow the connection steps
  • You are connected

Wi-Fi rates at the Camp du Domaine campsite on the Cote d’Azu.

Packages for 1 device :

  • 1 day: €5
  • 3 days: €8.50
  • 1 week: €13
  • 1 month: €40

Package for 3 devices :

  • 1 week: €28
  • 2 weeks: €44
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