Camp du Domaine will be open

Map and virtual tour

Focus on Camp du Domaine.

The campsite

Map of Camp du Domaine.

Map of Camp du Domaine

To prepare for your stay in Bormes les Mimosas on the Cote d’Azur or to get around the campsite, we have provided a full map which will also be offered to you when you arrive at Camp du Domaine. You’ll find all the accommodation, pitches, sports and leisure activities, access to the beach… so you can enjoy a superb seaside holiday at Bormes les Mimosas!

The campsite

Virtual tour of Camp du Domaine.

The campsite, as if you were there! Immerse yourself in the Camp du Domaine, wander the lanes, visit the shops and bungalows, stroll along the beach… The dream starts now!

Virtual tour.

An immersive visit to immerse
yourself in your future holidays!

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