Natural spaces

la_RisPort Cros (Îles d’Or – The Golden Isles)

Located just across from Camp du Domaine, the island of Port Cros is a protected natural space. Discover marine life from the bay of Palud. An area secured by the Port Cros National Park is the perfect place take the plunge and go diving, with a simple snorkel. Right before your eyes you shall discover one of the purest ecosystems in the Mediterranean.

The Maures Forest and Massif des Maures

For nature tourism, Camp du Domaine suggests a leisurely walk through the Forest of Maures. There you shall learn the secrets of scented essences, such as lavendernarcissus and broom. Many more surprises await you along the coastline. Walking and cycling tours, departing from Bormes-les-Mimosas and the Lavandou, shall guide you along your path to discovery.

Domaine du Rayol and its gardens of the world

Imagine it… traveling around the entire world, by way of plant life … and only 6 miles from Camp du Domaine. On this journey, offered by Domaine du Rayol, you shall walk in the footsteps of botanists, exploring distant lands.

At this wonderful place for discovering the wide variety of Mediterranean vegetation, Domaine du Rayol has created natural ambiances with dreamy names such as the “Jardin des Méditerranées”, “Jardin des Canaries”, “Jardin d’Afrique du Sud”, “Jardin d’Amérique aride”, “Jardin de Nouvelle Zélande”, …

The Villepey Ponds

In the commune of Saint-Aygulf, one hour from Camp du Domaine, you shall find “Little Camargue”. Ponds and lagoons, spread out over 200 ha, are home to specific types of vegetation and wildlife.

Discover this area by following the marked footpaths, the best times to visit are in March or early September.

Saint Raphaël and the Massif de l’Esterel

A small fishing village which turned into a popular beach destination, Saint Raphaël is nothing short of enchanting.

After exploring the old port, you might take one of the guided tours offered by the tourist office. The former customs route, today the Coastal Footpath, shall guide you along your seaside stroll. And along the way you shall notice the former volcanic activity of the Var.

A top destination for nature-tourism, the Massif de l’Esterel surprises sightseers with its intense red colour. With 32,000 ha of hilly terrain, of which 14,000 are listed with structured hiking and walkingtrailsbicycle paths, and paths for horseback riding.

Other remarkable sites: Pic de l’ours (Bear Peak)Rocher St Barthélémy (The Rock of St. Barthélémy),Calanque du Dramont (Dramont Creek), and Belvédère du Cap Roux (Cap Roux Gazebo).

Gorges du Verdon

These Waterfalls of nearly 1000 feet in height create alcoves which are home to various birds of prey. At the bottom of these is a crystal-blue river, the Verdon. The staff at Camp du Domaine can suggest several walks through the Grand Canyon “French style”, upon marked footpaths or rural roads.

Fishing enthusiasts shall find just the thing: the Verdon is one of Provence’s best fishing rivers, for its wealth of species (Fario Trout from the streams (Salmo trutta fario)PikeCarp…), …)

You might also take the time to visit Moustiers Sainte MarieCastellane or Palud sur Verdon. Isolated from the seashore, you shall enjoy the waters of the Sainte Croix Lake.