One week, one service : the housekeeping


Indispensable to the life of the campsite, the housekeeping service is certainly the most misunderstood of all. It is however the guarantor of the proper functioning of all the services as well as the quality of the services. Discover the missions and roles of the housekeeping service.

ON ALL fronts

The housekeeping service is very versatile. The cleaning teams are busy daily with the maintenance of the sanitary blocks with 3 visits per day, but also of the administrative and commercial premises, and of course the bungalows and mobile homes. It is a veritable symphony that runs in rhythm throughout the period of opening to customers.



The housekeeping service also ensures that all the options chosen by holidaymakers before or during their stay are delivered to the customer on time: sheets, towels, griddle, parasol, fridge… Given the size of the camping is therefore a meticulous organization where internal communication must be impeccable to avoid hiccups. It is also an increase in the need for human resources, especially during the summer season to ensure continuous quality service.


work all year round

Even outside the opening period for customers, the housekeeping service is very busy! After the departure of the last customers, it is time to winterize the bungalows and sanitary blocks. Wintering is a thorough cleaning of the interior and exterior of the rental in order to be able to store it for the winter. Of course, just before the arrival of the first customers, it’s de-wintering: in the same way, we put all the rentals back into service so that they are ready for use as soon as they open. Beyond cleaning in the literal sense of the term, the housekeeping service teams are also in charge of orders and stocks of equipment intended for bungalows and mobile homes: crockery, fabrics, mattresses, household appliances… A giant inventory is carried out and puts in highlights the needs for the coming season.


The housekeeping service is therefore a must on the campsite and its field of action is very vast. If the fruit of their work is not as visible as for other services, we see it all the more when it is not done, hence the primary need for a dynamic, reliable and motivated team, as is the case at Camp du Domaine.