One week, one service : the Tennis Bar


The Tennis Snack Bar has become over the years an essential place for everyone. Sandy and her whole team welcome you throughout the season and offer you a multitude of services, for both young and old.



The Tennis Snack Bar offers you its entire menu all season long, on site or to take away: daily specials, lasagna, burgers, fish, wraps, salads… Not to mention a large number of ...

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One week, one service : the housekeeping


Indispensable to the life of the campsite, the housekeeping service is certainly the most misunderstood of all. It is however the guarantor of the proper functioning of all the services as well as the quality of the services. Discover the missions and roles of the ...

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New recruit

New recruit at Camp du Domaine

The administrative center of Camp du Domaine is expanding!
Today we introduce you our latest recruit: Maryna. Coming straight from Urkaine, walcome at Camp du Domaine !

Arrived in France less than a year ago to flee the war in her country, Maryna joined the reception staff at the beginning of February and manages the reservations and emails. As soon as the campsite opens, she will join the reception team and you ...

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One week, one service : the wellness center

a haven of rest in the heart of the campsite

The beauty area is located in the center of the shops and is one of the lungs of Camp du Domaine. It offers a multitude of services dedicated to pleasure, relaxation and relaxation. Alone, as a couple or with friends, this is the ideal place to unwind. Embark behind the scenes of the temple of zenitude.

quality care for all

Body and facial treatments, modelling, waxing, hairdressing, sauna, hammam… ...

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One week, one service : the technical service

Skilled men and women

The Camp du Domaine’s technical service brings together around fifteen employees, each with one or more technical specialties. We will thus be able to find all the technical trades such as plumbers, electricians, landscapers, carpenters… who can carry out light repairs or structural work throughout the year.

An essential service that runs all year round

The technical service is indeed hard at work in all seasons and in all weathers. Works, renovations and general maintenance ...

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The mimosa : the nugget of the Cote d’Azur

Every year between the beginning of January and mid-March, the mimosa illuminates the gardens and forests of the Mediterranean coast that have fallen asleep in winter. Focus on the nugget of the Côte d’Azur.

The mimosa was imported to France from Australia at the beginning of the 19th century by the great explorer James Cook and quickly adapted to its new environment. Very robust and resistant, it first took root in the Esterel massif between the Alpes Maritimes and ...

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