Ideas for strolling through the PACA region


A stone’s throw from Camp du Domaine, the village of Bormes-les-Mimosas is considered one of the most beautiful in the department. An ideal place for sightseeing, it has won prizes for its floral displays. Typicallyprovençal, its winding shady streets are lined with charming little stone houses.

You shall quench your thirst under a typical arbour, gazing out upon the isles of Hyères. On your way down to the beach, stop to admire the Brégançon Fort, a remarkable trace of our history.

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Tourism in the Var : The Lavandou, village of the Var with provençal charm

The Lavandou is located just a few minutes’ walking distance from Camp du Domaine. Follow astructured seaside footpath, and meander through this former fishing village. There, the Chemin des Peintres (Painters’ Path) shall take you along the trail of neo-impressionists, and at the Thursday-morning Provence market you shall be sample the flavours of the Mediterranean.

Your shopping list may include olive oil, honey, fabrics from Provence, olive wood,…

A true symbol of the Mediterranean, the Var region is a preserved natural environment.

Its 340,000 ha of forests invite you to stroll along marked footpaths. Topographic guides are available at the Bormes-les-Mimosas tourist office (be careful of potential forest fires in July and August).

But the Var is also comprises nearly 270 miles of coastline. At Camp du Domaine we suggest setting out on an adventure, to discover the heavenly little rocky beaches. The number one producer of French rosé wine, the department bottles three AOC-classified wines:BandolCoteaux Varois and Côtes de Provence, so many vineyards to visit, so many wines to taste!