Our sightseeing excursions

Our Tourist Excursions along the French Riviera

The French Riviera is not just a place for leisure and lazing about by the sea. It is also the sum of its veritable treasures, traditions, and landscapes.
At Camp du Domaine, we invite you to discover the region of the Var, authentic and enticing.

Organised outings
The Camp du Domaine camping site offerstourist outings which include guided tours of the quintessential places along the French Riviera, in a private minibus.
Activities coordinators from the camping site lead each excursion.

On the programme: Monaco, the Calanques de CassisSaint TropezGrasse, the vineyards of the Var …

For lovers of the great outdoors and nature, Camp du Domaine offers hiking and walking excursions. Set out on the paths of the Var coastline, with a guide to accompany you.